Musings on Natsuiro Kiseki’s Essence of Magic

Lemmas and Submodalities

One of the series that I’m enjoying this season is Natsuiro Kiseki. As a slice-of-life fan, I love watching the portrayals of the everyday mundane life. At first glance, this anime looks so forgettable but for some magical reason, slowly I got enchanted by this show. I find that what made this anime distinctive from the likes of the other slice-of-life series, such as Minami-ke,K-On!! and Tamayura Hitotose, is the enthralling idea behind the magic.

Sometimes the thought of something unrealistic is frustrating because of its unachievable nature. We don’t want to believe in something extraordinary because it’s logically impossible. But come to think of it, no matter how much we distanced ourselves, we still keep on coming back to the world of fantasy. Why? Because magic is a basic human need.

So before somebody say that I’m in delirium, let me explain why.

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