Ideal Feminist Scenarios in Anime and Manga

Tokyo Jupiter

My goal this week was to write about several anime and manga titles that I thought touched on various aspects of feminism across a variety of genres.  I picked a fantasy, a comedy, and a historical romance to 1) illustrate that examples of interesting and competent female characters do exist in anime/manga, and 2) to encourage critical investigation and discussion on the feminist qualities of a series.

‘Cause, really, anything can be discussed under the lens of feminist critical theory. Even porn.  Especially porn.

I was somewhat hesitant to write about feminism in the first place; that article just got me so annoyed since it seems that the writer was working from such a shallow view of feminist thought and behavior. Most of the feminist series that she cites have female characters that are warriors or fighters of some sort — which is great, mind you — but what about…

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