Oral Sex in Redline: Delicious, Plump Lips

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Redline lips lipstick plump magenta

Late last night, I watched Redline, a racing movie set in an intergalactic world. The movie is a visual pleasure with some of the sharpest, smoothest, and boldest animation. The style easily shines through not only the actions and glamours, but the sex appeal. No, there is not really any oral sex in Redline, but considering how sexualized everything is, there may as well have been.

Redline Sonoshee racing

After coming to the end of the brilliant visual sensation, my one outstanding emotion—aside from satisfaction, awe, and warm fuzziness—is arousal. I suppose this is little surprise. After all, fast cars, tight suits, and hot women are the hallmarks of a racing film. In fact, the race itself in Redline is a fine metaphor for sexual intercourse. The thrust of the engines, the sliding, slipping, braking, and accelerating of race cars down a magenta track, the insertion of the egg, and the ejaculation of nitro all…

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