Lies, Murderous Intent, Remembering Love Gone Wrong, WHOSE RESPONSIBLE THIS Black Rose Society Arc of Revolutionary Girl Utena

We Remember Love

The contents of a person’s heart are veiled, as though with thin silk.You may think you can peer into it, but you can’t really. And people seldom understand…  the princes other people keep in their hearts. Still, I am a bit jealous when I see young people in love.

Ohtori Akio

I struggle to make a unified essay on the arc as a whole due in part of its nature to keep me guessing in terms of who is lying and who is telling the truth. Who is really on whose side? I don’t really know, no idea anywhere in the vicinity of confidence. As such I have very little to say about Ohtori Akio, and Himemiya Anthy; despite how significant I think they are not only moving forward, but within the arc as well.

If my analysis is rather peripheral to what could be the core of this arc…

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