On Mythic Creatures and Looking Through Kamisama Kiss

Lemmas and Submodalities

Kamisama Kiss fancifully showcases the recurring theme of human/yokai relationship. For hundreds of years, folktales about mythical creatures cohabiting with human have been a subject of interest for people. I particularly find the otherworldly tales interesting because it mirrors how our thoughts deviate away from the realm and reflect an altered world that contains humanity’s inmost desires. Plus of course as a shoujo fan, it’s always amusing to see how the romance and tension build between two different characters.

Aside from that, it is also interesting how the sense of hierarchal structure is profoundly embedded in myths—the gaps between gods, spirits, and humans are constantly being portrayed. It was said that the principle of the Great Chain of Being interconnects nature and governs all life forms. In this hierarchy, humans are less noble than spirits because of the desires of our flesh. Ironically, these desires could actually move us up…

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