Analysis: Psycho-Pass – some Japanese context on mental disorders and society

The Midnight Channel

(Note to everyone: Sorry, I’m…super behind on my posts. Really sorryyyyyyy. This post has some stuff on mental disorders and societal shame in Japan, but since it’s mostly focused on how the dystopic cyberpunk anime Psycho-Pass takes what we have now and makes a very scarily logical leap to dystopia land…may not be as interesting for you if you don’t like Psycho-Pass. Which you will. If you watch it. Cough. More to come on it and other things later.)

Also crossposted to tumblr here. Yes, the tumblr has more of my fandom babble at the moment. I’ll think of a happy medium at some point.

So, Psycho-Pass! I’ve glanced at some of the analyses posts floating about, and…there are a few things I really want to say, especially about some Japanese cultural/societal things. Expectations and beliefs about mental illness and emotion and the like. And other random bits of…

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