Regarding “Open Source Literature”


Kristina Stipetic, author/artist of the webcomic 14 Nights, engaged me in a conversation on tumblr about the effects of author accessibility and fan interaction in webcomics.  This was her message:

I’ve been thinking a lot about how the internet and social media have changed the way writers and readers interact with each other.  (…) What I want to ask you is, has being so close to your audience changed the way you tell the story? Do you think the story would be different if you went with the traditional publishing route of finding an agent, an editor, and a publishing house? And since you also have a fan perspective that I lack, how does creating fanart influence the way you feel about the original content?

My response got a little too big for tumblr, so I decided to move it here.

Regarding Storytelling

wordpressoso1For some webcomic creators, being close…

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