Defining Sexism in Games and Anime

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Senran Kagura Burst

[Some recent comments have motivated Lifesong to write about the rather delicate topic of sexism in the games, anime, and media we consume in general. I am obligated to point out that these are strictly Lifesong’s opinions and not those of the Glorio Blog, but we do think having open discussion is important. Expect to hear more from us soon. -Jel]

Words have power. They shape the way we think and how we define the world around us. Recently Nintendo Magazine UK published a blog about how Senran Kagura Burst is damaging the gaming industry. I personally think it is utter nonsense, but it brings western perceptions of sexism to mind and gives me a reason to write about things I’ve resisted saying for years because of how heated this topic can get. The words we use to talk about sexism in media need to change. We…

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