19b. Manga (f.) – Anno Moyoko’s “Man” Women

What is Manga?

Last week, through the lens of French appropriation, I dabbled a bit with the idea of a feminized manga that, in the limited juxtaposition of Boilet’s nouvelle manga manifesto, made sense as a form of opposition both to a certain stereotype of manga in France (i.e. action/adventure dominated comics for adolescent males) and to a certain conception of bande dessinée or BD.  A francophone, feminized manga, as Boilet understands it, emphasizes a penchant for daily life and ordinary people’s lives rather than the extra-ordinary fantasies of action, adventure, SF, and so forth–all the things that a (stereotyped) young man is meant to jizz himself over.

anno_chasing_amy The cover of Anno’s and Eguchi’s Chasing Amy

So, it was much to my surprise that Anno Moyoko has been associated with la nouvelle manga and particularly that one of her stories was included in the Japan as viewed by 17 creators volume I…

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